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Event Description

Explore Compton Verney to see the ways in which the viewer’s visual perceptions, themselves dependent on the close interaction of eye and brain, have been explored by artists as diverse as Georges Seurat, Piet Mondrian, M.C. Escher and Bridget Riley.

Through the exploration of colour theory and use of tessellation and form, these artists transformed the perception of 2D art to create colours that the eye sees, even though they are not present on the canvas, and a sense of movement in their paintings.

This exhibition follows the history of this exploration from the Impressionists, through to the creation of British ‘Op Art’ and ‘Kinetic Art’, to work being created today by artists such as Christina Baumgartner, Jim Lambie, Rodney Graham and Daniel Buran.

£15 Adult, £14 Concession, £30 Family (includes collections and park admission)