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Event Description

During the summer month weekends, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s outdoor theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, The Dell, will play host to a range of lively student, community and semi-professional productions.

The Dell is situated on the banks of the River Avon in Avonbank Gardens, near Holy Trinity Church. Entrance is free.

Find out more at www.rsc.org.uk/thedell



Saturday 8 July, 11.30am and 3pm (1 hour)
Henry V
Eris Theatre Company
Join our Chorus as they guide you through the events of Henry V, using puppetry, visual and physical theatre to conjure up the imagery of the battlefields of France and the comical wooing of the Princess Katherine.

Sunday 9 July, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour 10 minutes)
Shakespeare Shuffle
The Rose Company
A three dimensional, interactive, living jukebox of Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits, including Richard III, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Mechanicals from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and many, many, more. With its family friendly, fun feel, it’s perfect for a summer’s afternoon in The Dell. Expect poetry, history, tragedy and lots of comedy!

Saturday 15 July, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour 15 minutes)
Antony and Cleopatra
The King’s Troupe
Located between the Mediterranean and the Middle East, this play is full of dance and music. The King’s Troupe has invited newly arrived Syrian families to join their company taking on their cultural influences in this rich and extravagant play together.

Sunday 16 July, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour 15 minutes)
The Tempest
The Gobstoppers
A physical and timeless production by a band of young players between the ages of 14 and 16 years. This take on The Tempest sees the characters on a road of self-discovery on a mystical island created by strange magical elements. You will truly feel as if you have been on a journey to a strange place.

Saturday 22 July, 12noon and 3.30pm (1 hour)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
The Collective
A riotous, irreverent, gender-flipped adaptation of Shakespeare’s most magical comedy. Four runaway lovers unwittingly wander into a dispute between the King and Queen of the fairies, and, as if that wasn’t enough, a troupe of terrible actors are trying to rehearse a play. What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday 23 July, 12noon (1 hour 30 minutes)
The Tempest
MATE Productions
A storm, a ship wreck, an enchanted island, a magician, a pair of lovers, a tale of treachery, revenge, love and forgiveness with a large helping of the supernatural. Original live music and a multi-generational ensemble of actors bring one of Shakespeare’s final and most magical plays to life.

Sunday 23 July, 3.30pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
As You Like It
Cropedy Harlequins
Focusing on the themes of exile, trust and loyalty, this production features live music and dancing, set in a timeless world.

Saturday 29 July, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour)
This Isle in Mine
The Oratory Foundation
Featuring Caliban, Prospero, Ariel and Miranda and using Shakespeare’s original text, Caliban is lyrical in his belief that ‘this island’s mine’. The Oratory Foundation, from Trinidad and Tobago, present a story that explores the island, witchcraft and the colonial, as the drama illuminates co-existence and dominance.

Sunday 30 July, 12noon and 4pm (2 hours)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Gloucestershire Youth Players
Be prepared to be whisked through court and wood, and back again, at a fair pace as the UK’s only young company performing solely Shakespeare invites you to come on a journey of magic and mystery, of love and loss, of discord and harmony.

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August, 12noon (1 hour 15 minutes)
The Sonnets
PurpleCoat Productions
Hear the story of Shakespeare’s life through the magic of his sonnets. The PurpleCoat Young Actors Company offer an adventurous and expansive sweep through every moment of Shakespeare’s life through his own words, so join them for an ambitious celebration of the man and his words.

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 August, 3pm (1 hour)
Shakespeare Slam
Bloomin Arts
In just one hour there will be eight plays, 32 characters, 62 deaths and a little audience participation. Tragedy, comedy, love, mistaken identity, betrayal and murder, there will be elements of fantasy, flippancy and fainting in this joyous mash up of all things Shakespearean!

Saturday 12 August, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour 15 minutes)
Bottom’s Dream
Shakespeare Live
Nick is an amateur actor of the kind we’ve all met, blessed with rather more enthusiasm than talent. In a fevered and chaotic dream, Shakespeare Live presents the outlandish confusion of Bottom’s story – the stuff of fantasy, and in the end ‘No more yielding but a dream…’

Sunday 13 August, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour 15 minutes)
Arclight Drama Studio
Tempted by the prophecies of mysterious creatures, Macbeth’s ambition to be King of Scotland leads him into a nightmarish world of evil, deceit and murder. Monstrous actions run rampant as he and Lady Macbeth lose themselves to unstoppable drives of savagery and political atrocity.

Saturday 19 August, 12noon (1 hour 30 minutes)
As You Like It
Oxford University Drama Society
Rosalind and Celia, best friends and cousins, escape from the violent and repressive kingdom of Duke Frederick in search of a better life in the Forest of Arden. Oxford University Dramatic Society bring you an Arden of light and dark where raucous comedy and biting satire jostle for position.

Saturday 19 August, 2pm and 4pm
Sunday 20 August, 12noon and 3pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
Twelfth Night: A Gender Experiment
Trade & Traffic Theatre Company
A cast of twelve professional actors- six women and six men- present four versions of Twelfth Night in rep; all male, all female, cast play own gender, cast play opposite gender. Come and explore this comedy full of disguise, romance and revenge. Pick your favourite gender combination or join us for all four!

Saturday 26, 1pm and Sunday 27 August, 12noon (1 hour)
Twelfth Night
Saturday 26, 4pm and Sunday 27 August, 3pm (1 hour)
The Tempest
BMH Productions
Shipwrecks, magic, monsters and mistaken identities. The same company of actors present two one-act versions of Shakespeare’s most famous seafaring plays. With live music, puppetry, dancing and more, expect a production that is fresh, fun and vibrant.