The dark and exciting cloak of Halloween edges closer. It’s a celebration having its roots in deepest history, a time when spirits of the dead took advantage of an open window between summer and winter and descended to earth.

What better place to celebrate it than in Stratford-upon-Avon, a place of creaky half -timbered buildings seeping stories of witches, ghosts and murder and not forgetting the place of William Shakespeare’s birth. His plays are sprinkled with ghostly goings-on, witches chanting strange spells and fairies spreading mischief!

Stratford Town Ghost Walk has a special event for its ghost hunting groups and with a costumed guide will shuffle them around the haunted streets and visit one of the Shakespeare family homes – Hall’s Croft. A few years ago, the television program Most Haunted Live brought their crew to explore the mysterious goings on. A spoon flying through the air may have been evidence that their presence was a disturbing influence! Have no fear – a glass of mulled wine should settle the spirits.

Shakespeare may not have been aware of any unexplained activity in Hall’s Croft and died far too soon to hear about a grisly murder in the Churchyard, but he probably was aware of the story of a young woman buried alive in an underground tomb.

So many stories, so much unexplained.  Come along, join us this Halloween and hear all about it.  Best not go home alone!

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