The good citizens of Kenilworth are preparing for battle this Bank Holiday weekend as the town celebrates the 750th anniversary of the longest siege in English history.

The Siege of Kenilworth took place at Kenilworth Castle from June to December 1266. The rebel forces of Simon De Montfort held out inside the castle against King Henry III’s army in a long and bloody battle – eventually surrendering and accepting the terms of the Dictum of Kenilworth, which re-established royal authority.

The summer-long programme of exhibitions, festivities and special events is about to reach a dramatic conclusion, starting with the free-to-attend Town Commemoration in Abbey Fields on Saturday. Enjoy a day of hands-on, family-friendly activities and entertainment with the authentic mediaeval fayre. Meet King Henry III as he prepares his men for the siege; journey back in time through living history displays. Chat to members of local groups and organisations about their involvement with the Kenilworth 750 project.

Without doubt the highlight of the celebrations will be the spectacular recreation of the Siege at Kenilworth Castle on Sunday and Monday. Come and mark this historic date with a weekend of live-action re-enactments. Witness a series of action-packed assaults on the castle, recreating key moments from the siege. Experience the trials of life in a castle under siege, and discover the skills needed to survive.

An almighty catapult and 30-foot tall siege tower complete with a battering ram have been brought in especially for the event. Together with a barrage of arrows firing from the ramparts and the support of re-enactment groups from around the country, this is your chance to experience the biggest battle the castle has seen since 1266. Bank Holiday weekends don’t get more exciting than this!

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