This Summer The MAD Museum invites you to invent a new weird and wonderful track part for MAD Marbles.

If you have been to The MAD (Mechanical Art & Design) Museum recently, you will know there is an interactive wall for visitors to build their own marble runs on. Using inspiration from around the museum, the wall encourages creative thinking and systematic design but it is a lot of fun! The aim of the game is to use the various track parts to make the marble travel from the top of the wall to the bottom without whizzing off.

What do you want on the wall? Loops and hoops, elevators, slopes, staircases, tubes, spiral tracking, chimes and jumps – the possibilities are endless.

Release your inner inventor! This design competition is open to all age groups, draw your craziest creation and post it to The MAD Museum.

The three winners will receive goodie bags full of MAD treats and their winning track part will be made into a real piece to go on the museum’s MAD Marbles wall. Not only that but the winner’s name will also be printed on the new track piece.

Everyone that uses the triumphant track piece will know it’s yours!

The MAD Museum exhibits mind-blowing artwork from some of the world’s most pioneering inventors, join the illustrious list this Summer! Find out more information at

Come rain or shine this Summer, The MAD Museum has something to entertain the whole family. The MAD Museum is open every day from 10:00am until 5:30pm during the Summer (Saturday 20th July until Monday 2nd September 2019).

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