Warwickshire’s Purity Brewing Company has agreed a new partnership with start-up agri-food business, Brewer’s Goose.

The environmentally conscious brewery, which has pure sustainability at its heart, is now donating spent grain to Freddie Hammond, MD of Brewer’s Goose, who rears free-range geese on his uncle’s farm in Beeby, Leicestershire.

Brewer’s Goose aims to produce the ‘Ultimate Christmas Feast’ for family dinner tables this December, keeping free range geese as happy and healthy as possible during their time on the farm.

The grain provided by the brewery gives the birds a delicious treat every dawn and dusk. The spent grain provides the geese with optimum levels of protein and fibre that create a fantastically wholesome and succulent taste.

Throughout the summer, the geese will graze across the field before being supplemented with fresh brewers’ grains in the late summer and autumn months.

The partnership came about after Freddie, a 24-year-old Harper Adams graduate, met Purity MD, Paul Halsey, and explained his business ideas and his family’s passion for sustainable farming.

Paul says: “Sustainability has always been a core value here at Purity, so we are delighted to see our spent grain being put to good use by Freddie. We were particularly inspired by his high standards and dedication to welfare, and we wish him the best of luck with Brewer’s Goose.”

Freddie adds: “The idea to work with Purity was inspired by my grandad Robert, who used to collect weekly trailer-loads of fresh brewers’ grains from the local brewery to feed his dairy herd in the late-1990s. One of our key farming principles is that sustainability must be at the heart of everything we do, so what better brewery to partner with than Purity Brewing Company.”

For more about Purity Brewing Company, visit www.puritybrewing.com or order beers direct at www.bottleshack.uk

To find out more about Brewer’s Goose, head to www.brewersgoose.co.uk

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