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A Shakespeare Edition of the popular game Trivial Pursuit was launched on Monday, 8 April, 2019.

It has been devised by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, the independent and self-sustaining charity that cares for the world’s greatest Shakespeare heritage sites in his home town of Stratford-upon-Avon, in partnership with games company, Winning Moves.

There are 600 questions across six categories — Comedies, Histories, Tragedies, Characters, Biography and Legacy. Each one has been carefully crafted by Shakespeare scholars Dr Nick Walton and Dr Anjna Chouhan from the charity’s award-winning education team, and verified by its Honorary President, Professor Sir Stanley Wells.

The Bitesize version of the game will be sold exclusively in the Trust’s shops and website, priced £12.99, with every purchase supporting the vital care and conservation of the five Shakespeare family homes; the charity’s internationally-recognised Collections; and world-class learning programmes.

As well as questions about Shakespeare’s life and works, there are others that link him to popular culture such as the Harry Potter film series, TV shows Dr Who and Upstart Crow, as well as actors Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Keanu Reeves, and the Bard’s lesser known influence on the like of Elvis Presley and even the classic cartoon Popeye.

Dr Nick Walton said: “There are all sorts of paths to Shakespeare, that’s what we love about him, and he has been the missing link in the Trivial Pursuit suite.

“We wanted the questions to be testing but not too obtuse, because we want more than just those with a deep knowledge of Shakespeare to enjoy playing the game with their family and friends. The key to that is to approach Shakespeare in many different ways in order to reach that broad audience.”

Dr Anjna Chouhan said, “Most people will know something about Shakespeare, whether it’s his works or life and history; but everyone’s knowledge is so different, which is why writing 600 questions for a broad audience was quite challenging and, hopefully, really rewarding for players to answer.”

Ben Thompson, of Winning Moves, said, “We’re excited to partner with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust on this exclusive edition of Trivial Pursuit Bitesize. Other editions of the game include Harry Potter, The Beatles and Lord of the Rings but we think with the expertise of the Trust behind the questions this one is going to be one of our best yet.”

Trivial Pursuit Shakespeare Edition includes a wedge-shaped carry case that holds 100 question cards, a die and a wedge holder. Its compact size means it can be played on the go, but can also be played on any other Trivial Pursuit board.

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