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Shakespeare’s England is a destination with personality.  You cannot define it by the abundance of meeting spaces, venues and hotels.  That’s a given.  It is the people here, past and present, who make it different, special even.

Towns and villages nestled in green rolling hills bursting with provenance.  Connecting event objectives with our location is easy and helps to enrich client’s key messages.  Attendees feel engaged: with their surroundings at the heart of their event.

Take our most famous resident; Mr William Shakespeare.

His original burial monument had him holding a sack of grain.  Why?  Because, in his time, he was better known as a successful business man than a playwright.  In fact, records show that he was the largest property owner in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1613.

He was shrewd.  When the plague hit London the theatres shut down.  Almost overnight his income was lost.  What did he do?  He diversified.  He had skills for writing in verse.  So, he wrote two narrative poems – these were his first works to be published.  The plays we’re more familiar with, weren’t actually published until after his death.  There are plenty of synergies in business when you take a look at the man behind the writing.

The first female architect to design a publically important building, happened in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Aged just twenty nine, Elisabeth Scott won a competition to design the new Shakespeare Memorial Theatre after the Victorian one burned down.  This was ground breaking stuff.  To put it into perspective, in 1927, Elisabeth wasn’t even old enough to vote!

The Cotswolds was the headquarters of the Arts and Crafts movement.  And the legacy lives today. This is an area teeming with artists and makers.  There’s a resurgence of the return to simplicity, to sincerity; to good materials and sound workmanship.  Events can benefit hugely from this.  Incorporating local and handmade into programmes.  It is accessible and affordable to commission your own products to use during your event.  Or, under the tuition of our Master Craftsman, your attendees can learn to make things themselves.

We agree with the event mantra that ‘details matter’.  But, here at Warwick Events, we feel making them relevant is key. If you are looking to give your conference or event that personal touch, one that stirs emotions – choose Shakespeare’s England.

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