Originally from Blackpool, I moved to Warwickshire in 2010. The events that preceded me working for the Royal Shakespeare Company, were serendipitous to say the least…

Back in September 2009 I was working for a theatre company in Lancaster. My then, boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to see Twelfth Night in The Courtyard Theatre.

The performance was spectacular – I was immediately drawn in by the warmth of The Courtyard and I spent the 3 hour car journey back up north telling my other half that I was desperate to work for this company, and that as soon as they advertised for a Marketing Assistant – the position was mine.

Once we’d returned, I checked the ‘Jobs’ section of the RSC website only to discover that the RSC were, indeed, currently looking for a Marketing Assistant, and the vacancy closed in a few days. It was meant to be, I thought to myself.

As my interview day approached, I realised I had to break the news to my mum. I knew that (despite being sad about me moving further away from home) she would be ecstatic about the concept of me working for this prestigious company.

Like me, she has a lifelong passion for writing, reading, theatre and the bard. My love for poetry and literature had no doubt stemmed from hers. Like Shakespeare, we both liked exploring the meaning in everything around us. She brought me up with the belief that some things are meant to be, especially those ambitions that you throw your heart and soul into, and that small signs will be communicated to you to empower you to achieve them.

As I walked through the door of our family home in Lancashire to broach the subject with her and reveal my desire to move to Warwickshire, she sat me down. “I don’t know why, or what’s going on, but I need to give you this. I saw it, and had to buy it for you.” It was a necklace with a silver ring attached to it, with Polonius’ wise words engraved on it: “This above all, to thine own self be true”.

The bard had spoken.

Three years later (with the quote now tattooed on my neck), I left the Royal Shakespeare Company to work for a theatre company in London. My first three years living and working in Stratford were rich with memories of happiness, adventure, discovery and friendship. When I left the company in 2012, I guess I thought I’d find that again somewhere else.

One day, I was lying contemplatively on the grass thinking about returning to the RSC when I coincidentally had a text message from a friend telling me there was a vacancy. Like my mum said, the world knows how to guide us down certain paths.

So now I’m back, and it feels like I never left.

Maybe deep down, I always knew I would follow in Will’s footsteps, and eventually come home.

“This above all, to thine own self be true”. Hamlet, Act I, Scene 3

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